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S.D. Moore, Author

S.D. Moore, Author

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Wicked Prayers

Wicked Prayers is the 2017 GOLD MEDAL WINNER in the Reader's Favorite  International book competition for Horror-Fiction! S.D. Moore's award  winning Wicked Prayers is a fast paced, action packed horror story in  which an unusual band of heroes desperately fight all manner of hellish  incarnations to thwart Evil and his infectious hideous creatures. The  book reads like a Grind House graphic novel without pictures, but plays  like an action packed horror movie in your mind. In the action filled  spirit of Underworld, Evil Dead, and From Dusk 'til Dawn - Wicked  Prayers offers original creatures for a helluva scary fun thrill ride.  May no more dark doors be opened tonight. Contains mystery, action,  supernatural erotic scenes, humor, violence, gore, adult language, and a  little faith. Generous retailer discount and book return program.

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Before We Were Perfect

Inspired by true events, Before We Were Perfect is a romantic dramedy  about the Havreaux family; a clan of four creole sisters, their mother  and ragin' Cajun uncle who transplanted to Flagstaff, AZ. Julz Havreaux  is a beautiful young woman and tattoo artist with imperfections who  meets an imperfect handsome wounded warrior turned writer named David  Greene. Through comedic mishaps, they discover that in spite of their  imperfections they are perfect together. Contains adult themes, intense  drama, sensuality, humor and love. 

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The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea: In The Pink

The award winning Adventures of PJ and Split Pea returns in a four  volume fun filled set. Now readers can enjoy the hilarious antics of  little PJ and his wise cracking British Parrot Split Pea in one  collection for a low price. That's right you get books 1-3 plus a bonus coloring and puzzle book all for one low price.

The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea: Nothing but The Tooth

PJ has had a few embarrassing school pictures.  After an incident  with a green Magic Marker, PJ ends up looking startlingly similar to a  Martian in one photo and a gluey haired mess in another.  But this year,  little PJ is determined to get a decent photograph - until, that is, he  wakes up missing a tooth only one day before class pictures.

Join  PJ and his pal Split Pea - a wisecracking parrot with a British accent -  as they embark a series of funny misadventures in their quest to buy,  beg, and even "borrow" a new set of teeth for Picture Day. 

The Adventures of PJ and Split Pea: Fine Feathered Friends

In Fine Feathered Friends, PJ meets a new friend Split Pea, a raggedy  winged parrot who speaks with a proper British accent. Through a series  of comedic antics PJ tries to give Split Pea a makeover, but holy  hummingbirds humor ensues instead. In the end PJ and Split Pea learn to  love and accept each other just the way that they are.

Basics to Business Minding Your Business With Excel

The formulas never get old. This tool is packed with tips,  exercises and illustrations. In Basics to Business Minding Your Business  with Excel, author S, D. Moore illustrates simple applications for  using Excel in a small business. 

The book is  divided into two sections part one "The Basics" covers the basic  functions of Excel; including worksheet structure, formulas, sorting,  filtering, and helpful exercises. Part two, "Business Applications" is  loaded with valuable sample business startup documents as well as clear  guidance designed to teach the simplicity of setting up a financial  management system. The second section also includes practical exercises  that demonstrate the ease of managing payroll, developing and linking  budgets to balance sheets and income statements. Entrepreneurs and business studies students love it! Great learning tool!

Author's Background

Multiple award winning Author: S.D. Moore writes in spite of being a  brain and heart damaged Air Force veteran with Lupus. She is the author of the Readers’  Favorite 2017 International Gold Medal (1st place) winner for novel  Wicked Prayers, highly rated dramedy Before We Were Perfect, the award winning Adventures of PJ and Split Pea and  Basics to Business: Minding Your Business with Excel. She is also a  patented inventor of The Portable Hot Sink System; has an ABD towards a  Doctorate of Education, holds dual master’s degrees in management and  human resources development,

S.D. Moore’s philosophy is that the hard road may slow you down, but don’t let it keep you from moving forward.

My Writing Roots

I'm truly blessed that my damaged brain reconfigured to give me writing skills that I never imagined before.

My Style

Include as much fast paced action and or as much realism in the story as possible. There is usually a military element in my fiction stories for adults.


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